Lean Body Fit Camp programs are based on the philosophy of blending the 4 main components of fitness: Resistance, cardio and core (abs) training, all into one AWESOME 45 minute power punched workout, along with nutritional guidance. Nutrition is a major component of our programs because it is the most important. We offer classes 4x a week to make sure you are getting in enough exercise, but also allow proper recovery time, to prevent injury and speed up results.

The Fit Camp 'progression model' allows all fitness levels to participate and get a great workout. The progression model allows you to start at the level of your current fitness, and work your way up. Incorporating this philosophy guarantees results.

Lean Body Fit Camp has developed a proven fitness system that works time and time again.

Let me tell you a secret about this system:

This system isn't about Looking good or losing belly fat.

Oh, you will look great and turn heads. That's for sure. But, this system isn't about losing weight, not at its core.

Instead, this system is...

  • About learning to live your life from power and responsibility.
  • About learning to discipline yourself enough to achieve any and all of your goals.
  • About learning how to see a challenge and take it head on regardless of the outcome.
  • About learning to look inside of you and go for it!

You see, the system is designed to help you get past your own limitations. Right now, losing weight and feeling great may seem impossible to you. Well, it only seems that way because of your current belief system.

In other words, this system is all about helping you release your mental limits so you can have, do, or be virtually anything you want.

My motto is its 80% mental, 20% physical. The physical is a piece of cake (no pun intended) once you get your mental focus in the right place.


Here's an overview of what You get when you Join The Fitness Revolution!

The Fit Camps

  • Unlimited Access: Fit Camps are Mon-Thurs
  • 45-Minute, High-Energy Sessions. Get In, Get Out.
  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Lose Weight Faster!


  • No Starving, No Suffering.
  • No Shakes, Special Meals, Calculators, or Clickers.
  • Enjoy Everything In Moderation.
  • Personal Coaching


  • Pictures, Measurements, Consultations.
  • My Private Phone Number & Email Address.
  • Support by A Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Coach.
  • Built in Community
  • Built in support System of Women, looking to change their lives and look Hot while doing it. That's my specialization sculpting, toning, firming and getting you looking & feeling like a million bucks!

Follow the Plan, Get Results or
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