This is the ideal balance that you are striving for on your plate at each meal.

There's a fundamental law of human nutrition that goes like this:

If a food is in your possession or located in your residence, you will eventually eat it.

Whether you plan to or not, whether you want to or not, you'll eventually eat it! Trust me. Therefore, according to this important law of human nutrition, if you wish to be healthy and lean, you must remove all foods that aren't part of your healthy eating program and replace them with a variety of better, healthier choices.

One of the most important things you can do to change your lifestyle for the better is understand your readiness for change. In other words, although you might want to be in great shape, there's a difference between wanting it and being ready to do the work necessary to accomplish it. In this questionnaire we'll find out if you're really ready to make the changes necessary to improve your body composition, health and physical performance.

Social support is defined as having a network of people that support your endeavors, contribute positively to your decision-making processes, and are there for you when you need help. Scientists have suggested that people with this kind of network around them can transcend even the worst environments and accomplish great things. Unfortunately, people who don't have this type of network have a harder time accomplishing even modest goals. Remember this: who you are today and who you become in the future has a lot to do with whom you choose to spend your time.