Lashaun MckellerPrior to working out with Lean Body Fit Camp I was not necessarily over weight but I was not healthy or happy with the way I looked. I would see clothes that I liked but they just looked different on me. That was the physical side of it. As far as my mindset, I knew how I wanted to look and feel but was just lost. For example, starting all of these different diets (that were unrealistic) and starting exercise video tapes and making all types of excuses to not do them. Last and most importantly was my health. I always knew that HBP ran on both sides of my family and it was possible that I would have it. And my BP was very high and caused me to have to take meds, as the doctors put it "for the rest of my life".

Post LB Fit Camp....I went for my annual check-up and my doctor was so amazed at the weight drop and my BP that he wanted me to write down the things I did to get more healthy so he could share with his other patients. He also said that by the time I come back for my next visit he would possibly lower my med dosage or/and possibly take me off of some. 

I have also dropped down 2 dress sizes and fitting jeans in my closet that I couldn't even get pass my hips! 

My newest achievement is Wednesday I decided to challenge myself by trying P90x Plyometrics (extreme) and because of all of the great training given by Chelsea & Larmar I was able to complete the whole thing!!!!!!!!!! I could have never done that without their guidance. We do things in her classes that the pros are doing on T.V. Thats awesome for the amount of money that we are paying. 

There is no turning back for me...